Getting good answers on StackOverflow – part 12 of n

Tip #12 – Code that shows the problem

When posting a code sample, make sure that it is representative of the problem you are having. This means that it needs to be syntacticly correct (otherwise, people will point out the syntax errors and not the problem you are trying to solve), if possible it should compile and it must clearly show the problem.

This will ensure that people will be able to easily reproduce the issue and answers will be relevant to the problem.

Tip #1 – Ask a question

Tip #2 – Be polite

Tip #3 – Ask one question

Tip #4 – Descriptive title

Tip #5 – Write in English

Tip #6 – Pertinent code samples

Tip #7 – Stay on topic

Tip #8 – Do some research

Tip #9 – Stay engaged

Tip #10 – What, not how

Tip #11 – Accept rate