Getting good answers on StackOverflow – part 13 of n

Tip #13 – What have you tried?

when describing your problem, make sure to include details of what you already tried. This will help ensure that you do not get answers that go into more depth and that will suggest things you have not tried.

Tip #1 – Ask a question

Tip #2 – Be polite

Tip #3 – Ask one question

Tip #4 – Descriptive title

Tip #5 – Write in English

Tip #6 – Pertinent code samples

Tip #7 – Stay on topic

Tip #8 – Do some research

Tip #9 – Stay engaged

Tip #10 – What, not how

Tip #11 – Accept rate

Tip #12 – Code that shows the problem


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  1. Marc_s 27/12/2010 / 15:49

    Great article series on how to most efficiently use and get good results from Stackoverflow!

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