How to Ask Questions on Stack Overflow

and not die trying

Presented by Oded Coster

.NET South West meetup - May 21st 2015

Who am I?

  • Early user of Stack Overflow (August 2008)
  • Developer on the Stack Exchange Q&A team


  • Why should we ask good questions?
  • How do we ask such questions?
  • Stack Overflow specific advice

Why ask good questions?

Someone might have the answer

Why ask good questions?

It can clarify the problem to yourself

AKA Rubber duck debugging

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Why ask good questions?

  • You will get an answer faster

    One that actually solves your need

  • Answers will be better and more relevant
  • Make good example to others

So... how do I do it?

Research your problem

  • Official documentation
  • Tests and experiments
  • Google
  • Stack Overflow search

Take your time

  • Read and re-read your question
  • Short, descriptive title
  • Pertinent tags
  • Ensure the whole makes sense
  • Once posted, stay around and respond to comments

Make the question easy to answer

  • Show your research, explain what you tried
  • Ask about the problem, not your attempted solution
  • Include code that shows the problem
  • Limited scope - should be answerable in a few paragraphs
  • Very broad questions are bad

Keep those who answer in mind

  • Volunteers that are giving their time and expertise
  • Strangers on the Internet
  • From around the world
  • Mostly at their place of work

Details that matter

  • Don't forget to actually ask a question

    - and just one question

  • Check your grammar and spelling
  • Be polite, but no salutations
  • Don't include unnecessary details
  • Formatting - learn Markdown

A few examples

Bad Question

Bad Question

Good Question


  • Asking good questions matters
  • Take your time to ask
  • Make it easy to answer
  • Be mindful who you are asking help from



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