I see many questions on StackOverflow that go unanswered for various reasons.

I hope this series of posts will help others with getting answers to their questions, this will be presented as a series of do and don’t do tips.

Tip #1 – Ask a question

Don’t post about a problem without stating an actual question – make sure you post the question in the body of the question, not just in the title.

This will ensure people will see a question that can be answered.

Index of tips

Tip #1 – Ask a question (this tip…)

Tip #2 – Be polite

Tip #3 – Ask one question

Tip #4 – Descriptive title

Tip #5 – Write in English

Tip #6 – Pertinent code samples

Tip #7 – Stay on topic

Tip #8 – Do some research

Tip #9 – Stay engaged

Tip #10 – What, not how

Tip #11 – Accept rate

Tip #12 – Code that shows the problem

Tip #13 – What have you tried?